Kasamh Se - Episode 474

Zee TV 21.08.2012 Tarihinde Ekledi.
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Jai is infuriated and speaks filth to Bani. Jai blames Bani for the death of their kids and also accuses Bani of having an illegitimate relationship with Daksh. Maasi gets furious with Jai and berates him. Maasi too decides to leaves the house with Bani. Bani faints at the railway station and when she opens her eyes she finds herself in Haridwar. Jai burns all the belongings of Bani. Maasi and Daksh too reach Haridwar in search of Bani. Jigyasa asks Mai to perform some black magic so that Bani ends herself. Bani tries to end her life by immersing herself in River Ganga. But miracle happens and Mai's black magic fails as Bani comes out of the water safely. Maasi and Daksh get elated as the Doctor informs them that Bani is fine and is pregnant. #zeetv #zeetvshow


  1. Shirley Sagar

    Jigyasa i hope your happiness lasts a very long time since you seem to enjoy Bani's banishment from Walia Mansion. Also I hope you keep Jai happy, he is such an asshole. Burn Jai burn if that's what makes you feel good. I hope they live a very happy life as Bani will not be there to be blamed

  2. Swagoku the baaP!

    People always claim that Jai mistreats Bani but never talk about how Bani mistreats Jai. How bani as Durga abused Jai.

    Swagoku the baaP!

    2:54 Jai Walia's dialogue over here makes no sense Daksh's family is also related to Nachiket's now. As Nachiket is the younger half brother of jai and married a girl from Daksh's family.

    Swagoku the baaP!

    7:50 they changed the fucking house again didn't they now it's the old house which is still good but whatever i LIKED RAM KAPOORS (JAI WALIAS) ACTING in this episode.

  3. Thembani Pretty

    Gygaasa is too much shame

  4. Shirley Sagar

    Jai doesn't love Bani, if he did he would not treat her that way, I don't think he knows what love is, living with Jigyasa with that kind of behaviour, there was no love in that house. He wanted Piya from the offset then there was the turn of events. Eventually as it would happen, he got the chance to sleep with Piya who got pregnant. He should have stayed with Piya she would have fitted in nicely. That house is too evil, only greed for money and property. Without talking to Bani whom you profess to love, listened to Jigyasa as usual, then you threw her out like an old dog. Shame o you Jai. But Karma is a bitch and has a way of coming back to you. Jigyasa you have reached the lowest of low when you want someone to die because of money and property. Disgusting.

    Swagoku the baaP!

    Bani also wanted Pushkar and Aparajit Deb. Bani did alot of bad things too. She even gave money to Pia when Piya does not deserve any money. I personally believe Jai should have just ended up with Roshni (Rakshanda Khan) instead. Bani should have been with either Tarun Sablok and Aparajit Deb. But we still don't know who killed Sahil, where is Roshni, what happened to Tarun, what was Pushkar doing for so many years, why did Sahil do what he did, why did Roshni stop visiting Rashi, where is Atharva etc.

    Shirley Sagar

    Yes in the beginning Bani had feelings for Pushkar but he didn't think of her romantically, when he got involved with Piya she backed off. Also she didn't want Deb, he had his own agenda against Jai and was using the opportunity, she was too gullible and was blinded by her own revenge. Yes she did give money to Piya without asking Jai but that's her sister and she needed help, what is so bad about what she did. I think you are reaching a bit too much. I know Bani is not perfect and feels she is a superwoman but in that family sometimes you have to keep things close to your chest. Another thing, he and Roshni were an item before and it didn't work out I didn't see them together too much baggage, he should have ended up with Piya because he wanted her in the beginning, a match made in secrets and lies. Some of the episodes are a bit disjointed, actors go missing for periods of time with unanswered questions. Thats just my opinion.

  5. Shirley Sagar

    Bani always gets treated unfairly. Jai is so disgusting he slept with Piya and was forgiven, Bani did a favour to save his ass and this is how he reacts. Bani loves him more than herself and wont leave for good. She gets herself in this mess.

  6. Viktoriya persad

    again pregnant again, oh gosh!

  7. J Jo

    Someone should kill jigyasa

  8. J Jo

    Jai Walia is such stupid that he cant see truth... all the family members knows the truth and no one opened their mouth.poorva knows truth

    Shirley Sagar

    You really think he would have listened. I don't think so, his mind is made up.

  9. shirmila100

    So bloody stupid story lines...how many times get married how many times get pregnant...like rabbits?!!! What kind of twisted mind made this story?!!! to kill off perfectly innocent two kids for no reason?!!

    Swagoku the baaP!

    It is needed for seriousness this show has quality and is the best of India after BR Chopra's Mahabharata.

    Swagoku the baaP!

    ekta kapoor made it by the way

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