Kasamh Se - Episode 511

Zee TV 17.08.2012 Tarihinde Ekledi.
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Bani goes down on her knees asking Jai for money. But he mocks at her and walks away. Meera sees Maasi in distress and tells the nurse to start the treatment. She says she would pay for the treatment. Aditya approaches Bani and helps her with the money. Meanwhile at the hospital, the doctor tells that Ganga needs blood. Maasi asks Bani to donate her blood as it is the same group. But she hesitates saying their groups are different. Aditya reprimands Jai for his rude behaviour with Bani. The doctor later says that Jai has arranged for blood. Meera tells Maasi that she wishes to adopt Ganga. Masi refuses saying that Bani and Ganga are inseperable. When Ganga insists on eating food out of Bani's hand, Bani says that she is tired and wants to sleep. All are taken aback at her reaction. Maasi wonders what envelope Bani has been hiding from her. #zeetv #zeetvshow


  1. rayan Mampasse

    Mani ki ma liste gnavguht butfegj gr

  2. Shirley Sagar

    Why is Meera taking such an interest in Ganga, she killed those children now she wants Ganga. I think she knows Ganga is Jais daughter. That schemer

  3. Shirley Sagar

    Jai did that make you feel like a man, that is the woman you professed you love, well, that was beneath even you Jai. Shame

  4. Shirley Sagar

    Kudos to you Aditya, Bani is his daughter and he will look after her, no matter what. Bani just forget Jai and move on.

  5. J Jo

    walia bani teri beti ki jaan bachane ke liye tum se bhik magari hai aur u treat her like that u r sick aditya u did a very good job

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