Kasamh Se - Episode 529

Zee TV 17.08.2012 Tarihinde Ekledi.
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Doctor tells Maasi that Bani has to bring her husband for a bone marrow test, so that they can save Ganga's life. Maasi goes to Jai and begs to him to save Ganga. She tells him everything about Bani and her problems. She also tells him that Ganga is his own daughter and that she has cancer. Jai does not believe her. Meera reprimands Jai for his behaviour. Jai agrees to go to the hospital in order to prove that Ganga is not his daughter. Jai goes through the blood test, but his bone marrow doesn't match with Ganga's. Meera comes and gives him an envelope which shows that his D.N.A matches with Ganga. Jai is stunned and shocked. #zeetv #zeetvshow


  1. Shirley Sagar

    Why is Bani still going through these trying times, she had enough abuse, mental torture and trauma from those Walias and those bitches living in style because of Bani while she still have to take their abuse. It is time for Bani to be happy but they are not giving her the chance. Something is really wrong with this script. Where is Bani's happiness.

  2. Shirley Sagar

    Jai is so disgusting, he acting as if he did Bani a favour. Jai you and Jigyasa are really family, same low tactics. Masi dont waste your time.

  3. Shirley Sagar

    Masi it took a lot of courage and strength to go back to that house and even speak to Jai concerning Ganga. Masi he gave you a hearing but by his expression he is not moved and still don't believe. He so want to believe the worst of Bani.

  4. Shirley Sagar

    That is a nasty man how low can he stoop. He is looking smaller and smaller all the time.

  5. Shirley Sagar

    When Piya told him she was pregnant, he didn't tell her she is lying but accepted it. Bani, respect yourself and get out.

    Swagoku the baaP!

    Because he remembers that they had sex, he does not remember that he had sex with bani after the death of their kids.

  6. Shirley Sagar

    It took guts for Masi to approach Jai. He is so disgusting. He only likes to slap burn and drink. Only like to think the worst of Bani.

  7. meret99

    Jai is wooden

  8. ayesha A

    where is pia and her son veer

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